Zaferanieh Garden complex

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Architect’ Firm:Olgooco
Contact e-mail:
Lead Architects: Mehran Khoshroo
Project location: EmamiSt. MakooyipourSt.BehzadiBlvd.ZafaraniyehSt.Tehran,Iran

Completion Year: 2016
Gross Built Area (square meters or square foot): 38000m2

Photo credits:  mohammad hasan ettefagh             

Other participants: AlmaraMelkomian - Mehdi Atashbar- Amir masoud Nafisi - Adel Ataei - Soudabe Qorbani-Nastaran Namvar-Tannaz Khoshroo - Niloofar Esmaeili -Reyhane Miraftab -Sepide Ghabelzede -Amir Hossein Mohebi- Torang Asadi- HashemKarimi

Project Description*

Zaferaniye garden complex is a private housing project, ordered by client at 2007 with 64 residential units and a total area of 38000 square meters, in 12 floors above, and 3 floors under the ground. The building site is situated in a 6500 square meters old garden in northern parts of Tehran.
Design process:
Avoiding cutting the site trees was of utmost importance to arrange the building foot print according to local regulations; thus two individual masses were arranged on the ground, with some connections under the ground accordingly.
The concept of plant boxes as a representation of the interacting city life and nature was envisioned to sculpt the mass volume.
Recycling of rain water trough made us able to use it for Irrigation and flush tanks –using a gray piping system. This way we developed a big number of trees on balconies with minimum height of 2floors  and outdoor living surfaces.
After setting the trees, we got both privacy and a new micro-climate on the balconies and beyond. Providing privacy using ever-green leaves and an automated Irrigation system ,assures lasting mutual view from both the apartments and the city with a response to Tehran’s polluted air.
During the time needed for the growth of façade plants, the project creates new views for itself and it is not depended on environment’s view.
Having a tree beside the façade, makes a new vertical neighborhood; as caring for plants in the lower floors provides vertical privacy and a green view for upper floor.
A roof garden with an area of 2000 square meters, including sky-bridge as gazebo,a vegetables garden, and a gathering place, is there for people to use as a landscape of the surroundings, with a great view and sufficient privacy(outdoor living).
There are over 25 types of houses, ranging inform 220 to750 square meters. Each of these are different from the others, in terms of size, balcony and layout, including large family apartments and twin-level penthouses. At least 65% of their perimeter is faced outside, which makes pleasant opportunities for view.
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