PSP Office building

Lead Architect : Mehran Khoshroo
Design team : Almara Melkomian - Amir masoud Nafisi - Mehdi Atashbar - Adel Ataei -Mahsa
Mamaghani -Soudabe Qorbani - Hashem Karimi
Structure : Koroush Asad Zade
MEP : Hamid Reza Etemadi
Photograph: Hamed Farhangi

Lead Architect Biography :

Mehran khoshroo has M.A in architecture from university of Shahid Beheshti in 2002 in Tehran. he has established OLGOO architectural office in 2007 in Tehran.he has completed some residential and public buildings in his work experience.

P.S.P office building
The building is located in 1720 sqm site . program contains three sections of
administrative R & D and common service. Design concept is based on a dark box as
administration and transparent kernel for R & D. The kernel appears through a diagonal
cut made in the dark box. the middle space becomes a greenhouse. This space set for
the conditions like the heat in summer and humidity in winter. The R&D section has a
translucent facade for the best lightening effect inside and has double skin to make a
sustainable condition along the year. As the project considered in low-budget, we chose
sandwich panel and polycarbonate for facade and raw wood timbers and exposed
structure for interior as main materials.

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