Columnless Canopy

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Architect’ Firm: Mehran Khoshroo-olgooco
Contact e-mail:
Lead Architects: Mehran Khoshroo
Project location: EmamiSt. MakooyipourSt.BehzadiBlvd.ZafaraniyehSt.
Completion Year: 2018
Gross Built Area (square meters or square foot): 35 m2
Photo credits: Mohammad Hassan Ettefagh
Photographer’s website:
Design team: Hossein shirazian - Niloofar Esmaeili - Reyhane Miraftab -
Samin Mostafaei - Rojin Davoodian - Nastaran Namvar
Metal works: Farshid Alimi
Civil engineer: Farzan Hadad Shargh
Supervisor: Javad Hadavandi
Client: Sohrab Asadi

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Project Description*
Cozy corner of a garden, a place to gather residents, is chosen outside of the apartment
and the intension of the exploiters was staying in the garden for a tiny festival such a
way that the sight of the overlooking units to the garden especially in the winter when
trees are leafless will be controlled. In this phase using fire as an ancient element for
residents gathering was added to exploiters wishes
The garden’s quality and perfection was so good that every building was a block against
the seeing of the garden. In other way restricting the aristocracy of surrounding
residential units was seemed necessary therefore a kind of architecture that has a
variable mass and density was studied.
For this mean a seamlessly regular 20 faces made of rusty iron with cross section area of
35 square meter as the initial volume has been set to create the most difference with the
peripheral structures around and the project does not have distinctive aspect, also
manufacturing process is lawful and would not be relying on difficult devices,(all the
project sheets have been cut by the guillotine method)
The initial volume was opened toward the sights by horizontal slices and the depth of
horizontal plates is intended to maintain horizontal visibility to the garden within the
supervision of residential units around toward inside will be controlled.
The linear upright bearing pattern was changed to an organic network of carrier points
in order to least interference in the perspective will happen. In this way the definition of
BORDER in project typology was challenged and contradictory concepts such as
(outside and inside – open and close – light and heavy – transparent and opaque) will be

changed related to observers position and will be convert to a spectrum. this spectrum
has a same function from outside and inside and the centered of that is the viewer’s
position. such a way that the density of the project will change in the various distances
and heights.
Since the whole site landscaping was formed with framed sheets and at the time of
project construction there was abundant of them, the canopy was made by the remaining
rusty sheets in order to combine with the changing nature of the environment around it.
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