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Olgoo architectural office was founded by Mehran Khoshroo  in 2007 with new technology approach. Mehran Khoshroo was born in the city of Mashhad, in the northeast of Iran, and then went on to study Architecture in Shahid Beheshti University, one of the most prestigious universities of Iran. After completing his master’s degree in architecture, he began his career in the field and in 2005, he established his very own firm, Olgoo. This office aimed to participate in various architecture prizes, and thus a new era began in Mehran’s career.
One can say that the most characteristic aspect of Mehran’s work is his ability to work in different fields and his dexterity to design buildings of various purposes. For this very reason, he is honored with many prizes in and outside of his homeland. In 2018, his System Warehouse project was accepted for the final round of the World Architecture Festival. He also has this giant residential complex in his resume to show as his crowning achievement in grand-scale residential designs. The Zaferagniyeh complex is a large-scale complex located in northern parts of Tehran. This project was finished in 2016.
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